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HNLMS Evertsen platform systems integration and equipment design

Nevesbu enables its clients to provide security at sea

Nevesbu has been designing naval vessels since 1935. During these years we have acquired in-depth knowledge of maritime technical solutions and operational defence processes at sea. This knowledge enables us to achieve an optimal balance between performance, risks, costs and technology.

Naval vessel concept design engineering systems integration

Nevesbu offers a wide range of naval vessel design, engineering and consultancy services

Today’s naval vessel design, including its equipment and components, must also be state-of-the-art in the future. Nevesbu guarantees this by combining its specialist technical knowledge with the development of innovations and application of the latest technologies.

We provide advanced design, engineering and consultancy services for newbuild naval vessels or parts thereof, as well as vessel conversions for the integration of new systems. We also manage obsolescence and support owners with managing knowledge, requirements, safety and availability. Our services include advisory in program definition, design & engineering, platform systems integration and through life support.

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A structured and integrated project approach

Nevesbu approaches projects in a structured and integrated manner, encompassing design, organisation and communication, supported by expert naval architecture and marine engineering and operational knowledge. We oversee interfaces, identify risks and make them manageable. In addition to design and engineering, Nevesbu organises (large) multi-disciplinary projects and acts as an independent link between the different parties involved in a project. With our structured and integrated approach we ensure a mature design with an exact balance between requirements, costs, risks and technology.

Concept design naval vessel fast offshore patrol vessel engineering
Concept design of an advanced offshore patrol vessel

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