The KRI Usman-Harun is one of the Indonesian Bung Tomo-class multirole light frigates. The frigate is almost 20 years old, but has only been in active Indonesian service for approximately 6 years.

Since the mission systems are outdated, the frigate will undergo a complete modernisation of all mission systems. This will ensure that the latest developments in combat management and sensors are installed to fulfil the ship’s mission profile with optimum performance at sea and considerably extend the service life. PT Len Industri (who is Prime Contractor and systems integrator for this midlife modernisation programme) has contracted Nevesbu for the Platform Systems Integration.

As Platform Systems Integrator, Nevesbu is responsible for all engineering necessary to integrate state-of-the-art mission systems into the frigate.

Nevesbu will design or modify ship’s structures, platform utility systems, foundations, cable routings and room arrangements in accordance with requirements. Furthermore, Nevesbu will support the local (Indonesian) shipyard during the execution stage of the programme.

At the beginning of the project, Nevesbu performed an extensive on-board survey in Indonesia. As little (as-built) information of the frigate was available, Nevesbu recorded the current situation on board using a 3D laser scanner. The output of the 3D laser scanner is a point cloud-cloud of the layout of the frigate, which can be imported in Nevesbu’s 3D modelling software. With this output, Nevesbu knows exactly where the systems that need to be replaced are located and what needs to be adapted to the ship to enable integration of the new systems.


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