#1 Unique projects

At Nevesbu, we work on projects involving technology that is so complex that clever calculations and drawings are simply just not enough. These are unique projects that challenge us to push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

#2 Diversity

From submarines to FPSOs and innovative floating transformer stations. The diversity of the projects on which we work is huge. At Nevesbu, we’re unfamiliar with repetitive work. Every project really is, always different. And that, together with the technical complexity of each project ensures that every project offers a new challenge.

#3 Friendly and accessible open culture

Nevesbu has a friendly and accessible open culture within the company. We use few established paths and offer plenty of room for entrepreneurship. We set the bar high and give employees a great deal of responsibility in projects, although you will always be able to drop by other colleagues to discuss your ideas or gather specialist input. Oh, and did you know that the door of Nevesbu’s Managing Director is always open, and he is always keen to help figure out a technical solution?

#4 Work hard, play hard!

In addition to working hard, we also think it’s important to have fun with each other. We have countless enjoyable traditions. For years we have been travelling to the UEFA European Championship and FIFA World Cup, even if the Dutch team hasn’t qualified. We participate in the Rotterdam marathon, celebrate Sinterklaas on a paddle steamer and we always welcome the new year in at a beautiful location.

#5 Down to earth

Down to earth, it is one of the qualities that makes Nevesbu, Nevesbu. We approach things in a very down to earth manner. We don’t just follow trends, simply because all the others do, but instead, we examine the content critically. We’re not always enthusiastic about every plan or idea, but instead, we test whether it will really have the desired effect. We don’t innovate to innovate, we innovate because we really want to contribute to the world of tomorrow. With a down to earth approach to business, we can ensure that we keep a healthy balance. This is what defines a real Nevesbu’er.

Does Nevesbu sound like your dream employer?

Would you also like to work at a company where you are challenged with unique projects? A company where you will receive much personal responsibility within a wide range of projects? And in addition to hard work, where you can also enjoy having fun with your colleagues? Take a look at our vacancies page and find out if there is a suitable vacancy for you. Of course, you are always welcome to call, email or visit to see if Nevesbu suits you.