Due to the great complexity of modern submarines, the process of selecting a design philosophy requires iterative developments and comparison of multiple design strategies to assess technical and performance characteristics, cost implications and risks. To break down this process, Nevesbu has designed a tool which has been incorporated into the naval architectural software package, NAPA, developed by Napa Group. This tool assesses the performance of submarines in the early stages of the concept design as well as in the later stages of the design process. The Submarine Supporting Design Tool is used for modelling submarines, as well as balancing and evaluating their stability.

Volumetric Estimation Tool

A state of neutral buoyancy is a key design requirement for a submarine. To determine whether a submarine has achieved this state of buoyancy, accurate weight and displacement estimations are essential. Therefore, establishing a possible starting point for displacement and principal dimensions is an imperative step to take in the early stages of submarine design. The Volumetric Estimation Tool has proven itself a useful tool for defining a viable starting point for the displacement and principal dimensions of a future design.


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